New carillon in Bærum City Hall

A new carillon was inaugurated during the last weekend in August 2009.

In 1974 Olsen Nauen Bell Foundry installed an automatic

chime of 25 bells. Another 14 more bells have been cast

by Olsen Nauen this year and a new keyboard from Eijsbouts

is installed in order to upgrade the instrument to a concert carillon.

The largest bell weighs around 680 kilograms and sounds g1. It is connected to the c1 on the keyboard and make the carillon transpose up a fifth. The range of the instrument is three octaves chromatically from c1 - d4.

A new system for ritornellos and hour strokes have been installed. It consists of an Apollo II computer and Carillair - a pneumatic system that plays directly on the keys.