The Art of Carillon in Norway

During the recent years the art of the carillon has seen a remarkable development in Norway. 400 years after the first keyboard for manual playing was developed, the first concert carillon was inaugurated in Stavanger Cathedral in 1922. This happened the same year as the first school for carillonneurs was established in the city Mechelen in Belgium. Since then, a further 9 carillons is built i Norway.

In the year 1999 Oslo City Hall got a new concert carillon which then gave way to the first Norwegians attending the education to become a professional carillonneur. Today, a total of seven Norwegians have studied at the Scandinavian Carillon School in the picturesque town of Løgumkloster in the south of Denmark.

Oslo was the host of the World Carillon Congress 2004 with Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway as patron.

Carillons in Norway