Oslo Cathedral (2003)

Number of bells: 48

Largest bell: 680 kg (g1)

Bell founder: Olsen Nauen / Eijsbouts

Keyboard: Clock-o-matic (European standard)


There has been plans for a carillon in the Cathedral ever since the 1914 Jubilee Exhibition. However the need for a new organ was more urgent and the plans were put on hold. Money was donated for a carillon in 1924 but not even this act of goodwill materialised. 80 years later, when listening to carillonneur Vegar Sandholt telling the story of the «missing carillon», the music lover Ørnulf Myklestad (b. 1917), gave all his fortune for a carillon to the cathedral.

The largest bell is named St Cecilia and an inscription about the donator and the carillon. The blessing and inauguration ceremony by bishop in Oslo, Gunnar Stålsett took place 14 December 2003 where after Vegar Sandholt gave a concert.